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14 Vegan and Plantbased Recipes for the Barbeque Season

Posted: Thu, 08 June 2017, 10:34

June has arrived and the BBQ season is soon to be upon us people! Horrah!

Now for any vegans or dairy-free folk amongst us; or for anyone seeking to help feed a vegan friend this summer, fear not - this blog shall help you out.

If you’re planning on having or attending a BBQ this summer, think twice before heading straight to the super market’s ready-made salad section to feed those hungry mouths and check out my Top Vegan Barbeque Recipe Picks instead!

These 14 delicious, colourful, flavoursome and healthy options are perfect to whip up and bring along instead!

No. 1 - Vegan Mega Burger with Seitan – Vegan Sandra

No. 2 - Easy Grillable Veggie Burgers – Minimalist Baker

No. 3 - Smoky Barbecue Carrot Dogs – Vegan Sandra

No. 9 - Hummus Collard Wraps - Eating Bird Food
(I’d advise with Deliciously Ella Hummus)

No. 10 - Rainbow Noodle Salad – Lauren Cari Cooks

No. 11 - Grilled Nectarine and Zucchini Salad with Mind Dressing – Green Evi

No. 12 – Grilled Summer Salad with Garlic Rye Croutons – Deliciously Ella

No. 13 - Summertime Sun Tea – Thirsty for Tea

No. 14 - Barbecue Tahini Sauce – Veggies Don’t Bite

Happy Grilling!

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- Emily
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