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April Special Offers Taster!

Posted: Sun, 03 April 2016, 10:51

There are so many brilliant offers this month; it’s hard to highlight just a smidgen of them!
Here’s just a taster of some of our April Special Offers for you this month - have a look in-store and online for more details on all the fantastic offers Nourish has for you this April!

Source of Life Gold – Save up to €8!

This month we have one of your favourite offers gracing the shelves once again, with a brilliant saving of €8 off the 887ml Source of Life Gold liquid and the 90 tablets, and a €2.15 saving on the smaller 236ml size – happy days!

So what is Source of Life Gold?

It’s a whole food-based multivitamin supplement made from all whole food concentrates and extracts of more than 120 colourful fruits and vegetables.

Available in both liquid and tablets, each contains a complete daily vitamin profile from high potency vitamins, organically bound minerals and amino acids for easier assimilation, with further nutrition from a whole food based trans-resveratrol complex, mushroom blend, omega fatty acids blend, full-spectrum prebiotic complex and an enzyme-rich whole food blend.

The liquid supplement has a delicious tropical fruit flavour making it really easy to add into your daily routine, and the tablets are just 3 a day.
These products are also free from gluten, artificial colours and sweeteners.

NHP 20% Off The Entire Range!

The Natural Health Practice (NHP) are a brilliant range of natural vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements carefully selected, developed and formulated to support and encourage overall good health.
Their range has a big focus on female health and fertility, with popular supplements including NHP Fertility Support for Women, NHP Fertility Support for Men and NHP Healthy Women support.
The range also includes supportive supplements for bone health, immunity and joints, including NHP Osteo Support, NHP Omega 3 and NHP Advanced Probiotic Plus.

NHP work closely with Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD, the UK's top nutritionist specialising in women's health; who have teamed up to formulate a range of NHP supplements and herbs using the most important nutrients scientifically known to help women ease their discomfort and achieve good health.

Udo’s Choice Super 8 30’s and 60’s – Save up to €7!

If you haven’t heard of the benefits of probiotics yet, get on the band wagon quick because they are about to be your new best friends!

Udo's Super 8 contains eight strains of healthy bacteria, with high levels of L.acidophillus to help promote a healthy balance of friendly bacteria throughout the entire intestinal tract.

And why would you want that you may ask?

Well, having a balance of good gut bacteria may help to aid in proper digestion and immune function, as well as helping to balance yeast imbalances such as thrust.

They’re great to have on hand if you have recently taken a course of antibiotics as they will help to build-up and re-colonise your beneficial bacteria that was killed off from the antibiotics. This will help keep your immune system strong and help prevent the nasty side effects that can occur, like thrush – yikes!

Super 8 are also ideal for travelers to help maintain their healthy flora whilst away from home and can also be used to help relieve IBS symptoms and leaky gut syndrome.

Super 8 contains 42 Billion viable/active cells (at expiry)
Welcome to the medicine cabinet boys!

Eskimo Brainsharp 369 - 120 Caps and 210ml liquid €5 off - now €24.99

We have another absolute favourite on offer this month for you all which is the Eskimo Brainsharp omega oil in both caps and liquid.

Eskimo Brainsharp combines omega 3, 6 and 9 with additional CoQ10 and GLA to optimise brain function and support energy production.
These essential fatty acids help to promote the health and function of a variety of organs and systems including those of the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, nervous and immune system, along with aiding brain function, skin health and bringing down inflammation in the body.

Both liquid and caps come in a pleasant lemon flavour, leaving no fishy odour or aftertaste.

See in store and on our website for more of our fantastic monthly offers!

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