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Holiday Help for Backpackers

Posted: Wed, 19 July 2017, 14:12

If you're heading to a sunny beach side destination for a relaxing break - enjoy it! However, for those of us going on a bit more of an adventure, here's a run-down of a few products to keep stocked in your backpack.

Did you know that vitamin B1, also known as Thiamine, can be potentially effective for preventing mosquito bites? Supplementing daily with one capsule of Viridian's High One B-complex, two weeks prior to departure and during your trip can discourage mosquitos from biting due to the odour it produces when consumed in high doses, which comes out through your skin in sweat. Don't worry you won't smell bad (to us humans anyway), only the mosquitoes find it offensive!

Topically, use our Incognito mosquito spray containing natural, chemical-free deterrents such as limonene, that smell heavenly to us whilst deterring the mossys and insects. It's also DEET, paraben, SLS and GMO free and with research behind it in the British Medical Journal, this product is superb!

I also like to carry Dr Bronner's lavender hand sanitizer for emergency use and to avoid using harsher and heavy scented soaps when away. It's a great one for the handbag at just 59ml in the bottle and can also be used on children, for sticky faces, hands and feet when no water or soap is around. 

Being a gut health geek, I will always recommend a quality probiotic to take when abroad to help prevent common travel ailments such as diarrhoea, vomiting and even nausea from different foods and poor quality water. Optibac's 'For Travelling Abroad' is ideal, containing strains of friendly gut bacteria clinically proven to survive at higher temperatures (so it doesn't need to be kept in the fridge – bonus!) and reaches the intestines intact and undamaged, surviving stomach acid so you can even take it with food and still get all the benefits.

Finally, a quick and easy mineral sachet from Oxylent is very useful to take whilst away to replenish vitamins and minerals, rebalance electrolytes which help maintain good hydration and comes in a convenient 7 or 30-day travel pack. I would recommend one a day if food intake isn't optimal or if you're feeling under par after having a few drinks the night before.


I hope all this helps you!

Happy holidays,


*Please note that while we are knowledgeable about our products and nutrition, this blog should never be a substitute for medical advice and attention

Please remember that you should always obtain the all-clear from your doctor before starting any new supplement plan or diet if you're on any medication

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