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Look and Feel Better by Slowing it Down

Posted: Tue, 12 December 2017, 13:32

1. Starting the morning with ten minutes skin care, 2 drops of Dr.Hauschka Moor Lavender Bath Essence in warm water using a muslin cloth or a face cloth; apply to face, back of neck and décolleté, Moor extract has insulating and strengthening qualities. 

2. Mindful Eating at regular intervals, away from phones and noise. 

3. Practice mindful breathing for ten minutes every day. Lots of free online support on this, I love Donna Farhi (Yoga author/teacher) and would highly recommend ‘Bringing Yoga to Life’ everyday practice of enlightened living. Donna shares practical and simple tips on how to slow down in the mind, giving you clarity and space to be busy from a different perspective, this is a light easy read for everyday and you don’t need to have previous Yoga experience. 

4. Spending time outside in nature and prioritising free time with loved ones rather than trying to fit ‘the world and its mother’ in before Christmas!

5. A little self-compassion and non-judgement goes a long way; when we think about mind thoughts we can break them down and begin to cleanse a little; thoughts from the past; which we can do nothing about now, the future; we again can do nothing about other than plan now in the present, Incorrect information; this needs to leave, label it and let it go, correct information; this is something we can access and potentially use and lastly dreams; imagination, memories, again we can’t really do a lot with this other than be inspired maybe to make changes. So really all we have to play with in our mind is ‘now’, the present and when we can break mind thoughts down into these categories, we become less congested and restricted in many ways.  ‘We can demonstrate for peace by being peaceful’ (Donna Farhi).

6. Getting ready for sleep; sit on the floor or on the bed and take time to be grateful for your day, allowing the impressions from the day to settle and find their place. Cleansing Ritual: Dr.Hauschka Soothing Cleansing Milk has calming oils of jojoba and apricot with chamomile to set the tone for night care, use Dr.Hauschka Facial toner as a nourishing and strengthening tonic for the skin, followed by Night Serum, rich in micro-nutrients found in Apple and witch-hazel to support renewing and regenerating of the skin at night. Feel nourished and calm before falling into pillow.

So rather than covering up tired skin, and feeling exhausted this season, bring a sense of a ‘Human Pace’ to every day.  Your skin will radiate a natural healthy glow and your head may have a little more space.

- Tara O’Rourke

Tara O’Rourke is the Dr.Hauschka Trainer for Ireland and the UK, Homeopath and Yoga Teacher.  She also has her own private practice at SaolBeo Fitzwilliam Square (www.saolbeo.ie).

She offers holistic face and body treatments, Yoga and meditation classes for public and corporate clients and runs residential Yoga Retreats in the beautiful setting of Inistioge Killkenny with ex Cornucopia Vegan Chef.     

‘Our perception that we have ‘no time’ is one of the distinctive marks of modern Western culture.’  - Margaret Visser

Can we bring some balance and stillness to every day, stop ourselves in our tracks before we catapult out, taking time to breathe and hit ‘pause’ for a moment. Next time you feel yourself running and stressed, ask ‘is it all going to fall apart if I take a moment to check in and breathe?’ All too often we resist the signals that our body is sending us; possibly a ‘gut’ feeling, a tension headache, muscle ache, irregular digestion, disturbed sleep; it all feels like restriction rather than letting go. We allow ourselves to keep going because we think we have no choice and no time.  Who and what is robbing us of time?

It is possible to bring a sense of ‘slowing down’, less frenetic, more focused and more aware of what we are doing, leaving some breathing space for quiet time and maybe space for something inspiring.  Is there head space for new ideas and creativity or maybe taking time to speak to a neighbour a friend without always looking at the clock?

Resisting how we feel can lead to anxiety, sluggishness and ill health. Bringing a sense of rhythm back can initiate a change response.  

As we breathe, we start to feel three phases of breath; arising, pausing and dissolving. In order to initiate a relaxation response in the body and mind, we consciously bring this awareness to the breath. It is a great ‘anchor’, accessible to you always. We can live in a constant state of ‘fight and flight’, holding our breath in the upper body, we are in autopilot a lot of the time. Allowing 10-15mins with mindful breathing every day has a ‘rest an digest’ relaxation response with huge benefits for overall health.

For me it was coming from a place of constantly on the go and feeling like I was underachieving unless I was always busy, I have no idea now what made me so busy and if all I was fitting in was even productive. I was anxious, had muscle tension in my neck and shoulders and felt irritated and unsettled when I had time off as I didn’t know how to relax. Change was badly needed and I started bring simple changes to my day: 

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