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Our Charities

Our Nourish Kitchen in Zambia as part of the Zamda Children's Project

Our Nourish Kitchen in Zambia as part of the Zamda Children's Project


ZAMDA is a registered charity that is dedicated to providing direct and effective aid to a number of projects in and around the city of Kabwe in Zambia. The main initiative of ZAMDA is supporting “Sables” which is a centre for Kabwe’s street children; the most vulnerable children in Kabwe. It offers food, clothing, medical care, emergency overnight accommodation, counselling, education and vocational training for over one hundred and fifty orphaned and vulnerable children.

We began our support by donating shoes for the children at Sables and over the past few years, with the help of ZAMDA, we have funded the creation of a “Nourish Kitchen” at Sables. This kitchen has been officially up and running since May 2017 and was built with the purpose of keeping these vulnerable children off the streets to teach them a trade they can take anywhere - cooking.

We have donated over €6,000 to ZAMDA since Pat and Emer Fanning first introduced us to this incredible charity in 2016. See for further info.

Nourish Supplements

For every Nourish Supplement that we sell in-store or online, we donate 20c to various charitable causes every year. Thanks to our customers’ support of our Nourish brand, we have been able to support the Dublin Simon Community, who provide services to over 5,100 people and families each year across Dublin, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

We have also had the privilege of supporting Peter McVerry Trust, who provide a safe, challenging and supportive environment through planning a pathway out of homelessness or drug use, helping to reduce the harm caused by substance misuse or disadvantaged backgrounds, and providing shelter to some of the thousands of homeless people in Ireland. Peter McVerry Trust provides low-threshold entry services, primarily to younger people and vulnerable adults with complex needs.

Thanks to you, by supporting Nourish, you have helped make a difference for the members of the homeless community in Ireland, as well as the community of Kabwe, Zambia. You have helped many children, teenagers and adults shape their future and helped them lead safer lives and we cannot thank you enough.

All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

This year, we also plan to support The National Biodiversity Data Centre who are behind “The Pollinator Plan” which helps to create a stable environment in Ireland where pollinators can survive and thrive. One third of our bee species are threatened with extinction from Ireland at this moment in time. This is due to a number of factors including environmental conditions, reduction in areas where they can nest and the amount of food that is available to them.

By supporting the centre, we can help to prevent this from happening. As wild bees do not make honey, they are also in danger of starving as there are not as many flowers available as a source of food. The pollinator plan involves activating 81 initiatives to make our country a safer place for them to grow and flourish. The best part of this initiative is that there are little things each of us can do to help make a positive difference – find out more here.

Gortbrack Organic Farm

Gortbrack Organic Farm is set on a 9 acre smallholding just outside Tralee in Co. Kerry. It’s main purpose is Environmental Education and Local Organic Food Training and Development. The farm itself has a diverse range of ecological & native Irish habitats, ranging from ponds to wild bog land, wildlife habitats including native hedgerows, woodlands, ditches and stonewalls, to organic vegetables, herbs, tunnels (all weather), composting, willow features, reed bed systems, ducks and donkeys. Courses are held throughout the year on subjects as varied as Organic Gardening and Native Woodland Management to Willow Decorations & Garden Sculptures.

Nourish have been supporters of the activities associated with Gortbrack Organic Farm for many years as we strongly believe in the principles of biodiversity through organic farming and production, and view these methods as the most sustainable to a healthy planet as against the completely unsustainable methods of modern monoculture farming which Ireland has in large unfortunately adopted.

One area which Gortbrack Farm has been instrumental in promoting over the years has been the development of Organic Gardens in schools. Via a sister organisation KEEP (Kerry Earth Education Project) many school gardens have been planned and developed and thousands of children over the years have been introduced to the practical planting and growing of plants and trees. The book ‘The Year Round Organic School Gardens’ has also been produced alongside a DVD. The farm has also won awards at Bloom with it’s native gardens. Nourish’s last project in support of Gortbrack was to fund a kitchen which is used in conjunction with their on site training courses.

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