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The Happy Pear

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The Happy Pear Cookbook

The Happy Pear Cookbook


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The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear is a family-run business specialising in Vegetarian and Vegan foods that includes a natural wholefood market selling local, seasonal and organic foods, two cafés, and a restaurant in Greystones village, Co. Wicklow. It all began in 2004 when twin brothers Steve and Dave Flynn opened a fruit and veg shop selling smoothies and juices. The business expanded and they opened a restaurant and café next door. Today The Happy Pear also includes their own brand of raw foods including their best-selling pesto, an online shop and are a member of the Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Channel. In 2009, the twin’s younger brother Darragh started The Happy Pear Living Foods based in Kilcoole, a superfood sprout farm supplying not only The Happy Pear but other shops and restaurants around Ireland. A strong sense of community spirit is at the heart of The Happy Pear with a ‘family’ vibe running through the business involving all its employees and a commitment to promoting sustainability and healthy living. In 2014 The Happy Pear Book, now a best-seller, was published telling the story so far of the first 10 years of the business from its humble beginnings to a fully-fledged business through stories and inspiring, delicious recipes. The twins tell their own personal journey from avid meat eaters to raw food pioneers by recounting the stories that shaped their lives and ultimately the business and spreading the word of conscious healthy eating and living through their exciting, innovative and mouth-watering recipes.
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