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Amaizin Organic Tortilla Corn Chips

Amaizin Organic Tortilla Corn Chips

€1.99 - €3.50 €1.25 - €3.50

75g only €1.25 - Save 30%!
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  • Results 1-5 of 5


Amaizin Organic produce a range organic snacks and meal ingredients, and use traditional recipes from countries such as Sri Lanka and Mexico to bring you culinary flavours from around the world. All products are made with high-quality ingredients sourced from local producers. Amaizin range of products includes Corn Chips, Salsa, Tortilla Wraps, Curry Paste, Coconut Milk and Cream, and Tinned Pineapple. The Amazin Corn Chips are gluten-free.
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